I love the white viral Skims dress but it’s totally see-through, I’m blown away with my surprising fix | The Sun

A FASHION fan has thanked her followers for their problem-solving skills.

They stepped into the breach when she revealed there was a serious issue with her white Skims lounge dress.

She loved it and so did thousands of others because it has been a huge viral hit.

But there was a glaring issue far as she was concerned – it was totally see-through.

It made this popular item virtually unwearable because it left little to the imagination.

Even matching white underwear didn't help Minnie Fr (@minniefrr).

It was destined for the dark recesses of her wardrobe until a member of her TikTok audience saved the day.

They came through with a surprising fix and it left Minnie blown away.

“I have tried everything and I’ve only just seen this comment," she said in her post.

Having run out of ideas, she was up for this one, even it if sounded a bit odd: "I thought let’s try it. I’ve tried everything."

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The suggestion by her fan was, however, counter-intuitive.

They said: “Try black underneath. It’s much better than nude you’d be surprised."

Minnie tried it out and was amazed to see this fashion hack actually worked for her Skims dress.

She appeared on the screen in the figure-hugging dress and any issues with transparency were now history.

“And this is black tights and a black bra," she said looking amazed at the result.

"So, if you have the Skims dress, try black underwear. Literally, black tights all the way through."

In previous attempts at finding the right underwear, she was frustrated by lines that were visible above her knee.

“I’m so happy. This is amazing, thank you," she gushed. 

"[I can] finally wear the Skims white dress without being see-through.

"You can still see the bra a little but I don’t mind at all. I love this dress," she wrote, still feeling flabbergasted.

But some commenters were already onto this fashion hack.

“My mom used to always tell me to wear black under white," said one person.

It was repeated by this viewer too: “My mom told me this years ago – and she was right. She said she saw it on an Oprah episode.”

Another commenter explained why this tip worked: “Black isn’t a color, black is just an absence of light. So black actually absorbs the light, so it can’t reflect.”

But several fans had another tip that was also supposed to work just as well: “Apparently red underwear does the same.”

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