I lost 30 lbs by swapping boring chicken & broccoli for pancakes and burgers – my meals taste insane but are healthy too | The Sun

EATING while working towards weight loss goals doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive as proven by one woman. 

Sarah (@sarahcattersoncoaching) shed almost 30 pounds while surprisingly continuing to indulge in burgers and pancakes. 

She has garnered over 70,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares the diet and exercises that help to maintain her slender physique.

The foodie took to the social media platform to round up some of her favorite meals that she enjoyed throughout her weight loss journey.

“What I ate to lose 13kg [28.6 pounds] and what I eat now to keep it off,” read the text over the video.

She donned a black sports bra and leggings as she showed a plate filled with peanut butter and chocolate cups.

She said: “When I was 13kg heavier I thought I had to eat 1,200 calories, chicken, broccoli, and veg.

“Food that I absolutely hated, just because I thought it was ‘healthy.’

“You might not think it but I actually saw most of my weight loss when I stopped eating chicken, broccoli, and veg.

“And ate the food that I’m showing in these videos.”

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Sarah shared a selection of hearty meals as she spoke including a cheesy lasagne, shredded BBQ chicken burger, and a huge stack of pancakes covered in syrup. 

She also enjoyed chocolate dessert pots, homemade curries, and French toast. 

She continued: “I now make meals with lower calories and higher protein. They taste absolutely insane.

“Every single day to sustain the weight loss that I lost.

“If you’re trying to lose weight and you want more recipes and you’re absolutely sick of broccoli for breakfast then pop me a follow.”

Sarah captioned the post: “If you want to eat these recipes let me know and I’ll make more.”

She included the hashtags #recipesforweightloss, #recipes, and #mealplan.

She added: “I’ve just started a diet phase after a year of gaining – I’m still over 2,000 calories but these are specific for me, my calories won’t work for others.”

The video went viral with over 1 million views, 70,000 likes, and comments from people amazed by the variety of foods that she eats. 

One person wrote: “Yes!!! On my weight loss journey and I’m so sick of eating the same stuff.”

Another commented: “Just followed… I’ve lost 54kg [119 pounds] but just can’t find anything that tastes good… looking forward to seeing what you make.”

A third said: “Everything looks amazing in this video!”

The majority of commenters asked Sarah to share how she makes the lasagne dish, so she posted a separate video detailing the process.

The meal contains 352 calories and 40 grams of protein. 

Ingredients include three cloves of garlic, 400g lean mince or turkey, 400g chopped tomatoes, 30g tomato puree, 15g balsamic vinegar, 20g relish, salt, pepper, herbs, beef stock, and hot water. 

She seasoned and cooked the meat in a pan before adding the other ingredients to make a rich tomato sauce.

She then placed a bag of spinach and 60g of ricotta cheese in a separate pot.

A third pot was used to make a cheese sauce which was a combination of 100g lightest Philadelphia, 20g mustard, 30g light cheese, and 50g light milk.

She placed the meat in tomato sauce in an overproof dish and then added a layer of lasagne sheets followed by the spinach and ricotta mixture.

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Another spoonful of meat was placed on top before the cheese sauce and 70g of light cheese was sprinkled on top. 

After being baked in the oven, the recipe made four portions of healthy lasagne.

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