I didn’t have a Christmas tree growing up so now I’ve gone all out and mega tacky, it looks like joy has thrown up | The Sun

A WOMAN who lives in a ‘colourful home’ has revealed that she didn’t have a Christmas tree growing up, so has now gone all out.

This year, Sara got her first real Christmas tree, and has decorated it with a variety of ‘tacky’ decorations.

But there’s barely any baubles, angels or snowmen in sight, as Sara’s tree is full of unique items, from a burger, piece of blue cheese and a slice of pizza, to a sparkly seahorse and a cafetiere. 

Sara, who is from Austin, Texas, took to social media to show off her festive decorations, as she claimed: “Tacky Christmas is my jam.”

As she proudly showed off her eye-catching tree, alongside her video, Sara attached an audio that read: “Christmas tree decorations are not supposed to be sleek and classy and minimalist.

“It's supposed to look like joy has thrown up in your house, okay? 

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“It's supposed to be a little bit tacky.

“So loosen up, buy yourself a tacky little Christmas decoration, and stop taking yourself so seriously because I promise you, no-one is impressed."

Sara later confirmed: “The burger ornament is my favourite.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @sareishh, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 264,400 views.

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Social media users were impressed with Sara’s tree and explained that they too love ‘tacky’ decorations. 

One person said: “My fav type of christmas tree.”

Another added: “Tacky Christmas decor is my favourite. Christmas should be fun.”

A third commented: “Yessssss! The theme of our xmas is Christmas memories and tack!” 

Whilst someone else wrote: “Obsessed with your ornament collection.” 

At the same time, another user penned: “I love it.” 

However, not everyone agreed with Sara’s claims.

One user shared: “Noooo. It has to be tidy and sleek.”

A second chimed in: “Joy for some of us is sleek and classy.”

Whilst another user suggested: “No…. sorry some of us grew up with the trauma of tacky s**t Christmases and just want things to be nice with our grown up money.” 

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In response, Sara replied: “I had no Christmas tree growing up so I guess I’m just making my inner child happy now.”

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