Grandma shares her homemade solution that stops your washing machine smelling – all you need is lemon and toothpaste | The Sun

A SAVVY grandma has revealed how to get your washing machine smelling fresh again if you accidentally leave the laundry in.

The woman, called Babs, shared that all you need is lemon and toothpaste to get rid of the bad scent.

Captioning the post, the cleaning whizz asked: "Have you ever forgotten to change the laundry load and mistakenly left the wet load in the washer overnight…only to find a smelly washer the next day?

"Here is a hack to get rid of that yucky mildew smell."

In the video, she explained that all you need to do is cut a lemon in half and squirt "about a tablespoon" of toothpaste on the flat sides.

She added: "Toss lemon halves into your empty washer and run the washer on speed wash with very hot water.


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"After the cycle is finished, you have a fresh smelling washer – and for very little cost."

Her cleaning hack was popular with fans who left more than 229,000 'likes', and over a thousand thankful messages.

One person wrote: "You’re a SAINT."

Another commented: "The amount of times I accidentally leave my clothes in the wash…I’d be doing this at least once a week."

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She revealed that you add them to the machine's drumCredit: Tiktok/@brunchwithbabs
TikTok users were impressed by the hackCredit: Tiktok/@brunchwithbabs

A third shared: "Omg Babs thank you."

And a fourth added: "You have the best tips."

Some also suggested alternative hacks they use to get their washing machine smelling good again.

One person suggested: "Dishwasher tablet with the hottest cycle. It will smell beautiful and come out sparkling clean."

Another recommended: "I would also put vinegar in the soap dispenser as vinegar kills mould."

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