‘Genius’ hack transforms stylish blazer into a winter coat – and the fleece lining will keep you super warm this winter | The Sun

A FASHION fan has shared how she’s come up with a way to wear her blazer throughout the winter season – and still keep warm. 

Social media user Lydia said she was fed up of being cold while wearing a stylish blazer, but that it could be a thing of the past thanks to her handy hack.

Lydia, who is on TikTok under the name @fruitylolo, uploaded a video where she lifted the lid on how you can follow in her footsteps. 

She began: “If you want to wear a blazer on a night out, but you’re thinking, ‘oh my God, I’m going to be absolutely freezing’, I have a little hack for you.”

Lydia then said you just need three things – a zip up fleece, a blazer and the all important factor, some sticky tape.

As she put on a fleece, she explained: “First, you want to put on a zip up fleece – kind of like this North Face one. 

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“I know you’re probably thinking, ‘oh my God, no’ but just bear with me…

“Next you want to get some really sticky tape, like masking tape, or you could even try tit tape.

“Fold over the edges so you create a little sticky thing and then you want to stick this on the lapels [of the fleece].”

Lydia then securely fastened two pieces of tape to the fleece’s collar, before reaching in her wardrobe for her blazer.

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She continued: “Then you want to get an oversized blazer, and I stress when I say oversized or this probably isn’t going to work.

“Gently put it on over the fleece.”

“Then just make sure the collar of the blazer is above the collar of the fleece.

“Then you just want to bring it down and stick it down.”

Once she’d attached the two garments together, Lydia showed how it looked like she was just wearing a blazer – but little did everyone know.

She added to her 59k followers: “And there you have it.

“You’re wearing a fleece and a blazer – you’re going to be warm and hopefully no-one’s going to know about it.”

And it didn’t take long for her fellow fashion fans to praise her for the idea, as they hailed the hack ‘genius’.

One person wrote: “This is a game changer!!!”

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Another of her followers said: “Okay, but this is genius.” As a third wrote: “I am shocked – this is soooo genius.” 

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