Amazon shoppers come up with clever hack that gives you 2.4kg of Celebrations in time for Xmas for an utter bargain | The Sun

HAVE you already given in and eaten the chocolate you were supposed to save for Christmas? Or are you struggling to get your hands on some in the supermarket?  

Luckily, one woman has come to the rescue, as she’s revealed there’s an Amazon buy that answers all of your prayers – and is a big bargain too.

And while it may seem late to order sweets, Amazon Prime’s next day delivery service means it’ll still get here in time for Christmas. 

One savvy shopper revealed her clever hack after she had grown tired of seeing tubs upon tubs of sweets, like Celebrations and Heroes, covering her kitchen counters and beyond.

She took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group to spread the word, and encourage others to follow in her foodie footsteps. 

The woman shared a screenshot of her recent purchase – a HUGE 2.4kg cardboard box filled with Celebrations that’s on offer for £20. 

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She said this way you never run out – as it provides an almost endless supply. Plus, it can be stored away without tubs ending up on top of each other. 

The Amazon customer said: “Fed up of tubs all over the house every year.

“These are a godsend – 2.4g of Celebrations for around £20 on Amazon.

“They also do Heroes. Next day delivery too,” she added.

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Not long after she shared her Christmas food shopping secret, other members of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group said they’d had a similar idea.

One person wrote: “We do this also, Kept the Quality Street tin then fill with assorted sweets I’ve found on offer and fill as and when empty.” 

While another chocolate lover said she’d lucked out on a limited edition box of Roses.

She revealed: “I got my husband a KG of strawberry ones from Roses off Amazon for £12.

“I’ve had to hide them so there’s some left for Christmas.” 

Others said the woman’s idea had given them inspiration going forwards, so they don’t end up spending a fortune on countless tubs.

One person wrote: “We will have to do this next year.” 

A second social media user said: “Brilliant!” 

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