Uber Launches a "Package Returns" Feature

Uber has unveiled a new feature aimed at simplifying the often tiresome task of returning packages. Through its Uber Connect platform, initially launched three years ago to facilitate local item deliveries, Uber has now added a “Return a Package” feature.

The novel service is designed to relieve the hassle associated with trips to the post office for package returns and is possibly a step closer toward its TaskRabbit-like service tentatively titled “Uber Chore.”

With just one tap in the Uber or Uber Eats apps, users can now schedule a courier to pick up their prepaid and sealed packages, up to five at a time, for drop-off at local post offices, UPS, or FedEx outlets. Live tracking is enabled so customers can follow their package in real-time within the Uber app, receiving visual confirmation or a photo of the receipt once the drop-off is completed.

At the time of writing, the service is available in over 4,950 cities across the U.S. including major urban centers like Austin, Chicago and San Francisco — for a flat fee of $5 USD. However, Uber One members get to enjoy a discounted rate of $3 per return. This development comes on the back of data from the National Retail Federation which indicated a substantial 79 percent of shoppers below 30 find mail returns “somewhat or very annoying.”

With the chaotic holiday shopping season around the corner, Uber’s new feature is not only poised to save users time and effort but also expedite the refund process for the inevitable returns arising from wrong sizes, colors, or gift ideas. However, it will be a real stress test for the new feature, as well as for its couriers.

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