The moment in At Home With The Furys Paris really didn't want you to see

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Paris Fury has admitted that she was ‘dreading’ a particular moment in her new docu-series with her husband Tyson Fury, where she claimed that she comes out ‘pretty bad’.

The nine-episode Netflix show At Home With the Furys takes viewers behind the scenes of the couple’s bustling lives, from their six kids at home to the boxer’s retraction of his retirement.

The programme also focuses on Tyson’s brother Tommy Fury and his now-fiancée Molly-Mae Hague, as they reveal that they’re expecting a baby together, before they welcomed their daughter Bambi in January this year.

During a recent chat with, Tyson, 35, and Paris, 33, were asked about a specific moment that occurred during filming, when the heavyweight champion called up his dad, John Fury, 59, asking if he fancied jetting off to Pompeii for a last-minute holiday.

However, when Paris found out about her husband’s plans, she convinced him to take her instead, resulting in Tyson falsely claiming to his father – who had already packed up his suitcase – that all of the flights had been cancelled.

When asked about that whole saga, Paris instantly recoiled at the memory, exclaiming: ‘I am so dreading that. I’m dreading this. I think I come out pretty bad.’

Meanwhile, Tyson added that there was a silver lining to the story… as they did eventually manage to travel to Pompeii earlier this year.

‘The only bonus to it. We have been this year, early April, we went to Pompeii,’ he shared.

‘So we actually did it, and I’m glad we didn’t do it on the series because it wasn’t what I expected it to be. Although it was fantastic, but it just wasn’t what we were expecting.’

During the episode in question, Tyson acknowledges to the camera that his ‘worst quality’ is how ‘spur-of-the-moment’ he is, explaining that he’s ‘very spontaneous when it comes to doing anything’.

The boxer outlines how he’s always wanted to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii after the city in Italy was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD… and so he instantly calls up his dad to ask if he fancies going on holiday with him the following day.

John promises his son that he’ll be ready, before explaining to the camera that because Tyson ‘changes his mind so much’, he says yes ‘straight away’ to any offer he’s given.

‘I’ll hold you to it, you know. Don’t tell me lies – if you’re not going, say,’ John tells Tyson over the phone.

‘I’m not telling you lies, I’ll have a look for some flights,’ Tyson promises.

However, when Paris hears at home what Tyson has proposed to his dad, she’s less than pleased.

‘How long have I said I wanted to go to Pompeii?’ she says to her husband. ‘Five years, six years. And you was going to go without me. I can’t believe you picked your dad over me in the first place.’

Therefore, Tyson decides to change tactics and call up his dad with the fib that all flights from Manchester to Pompeii have been cancelled.

‘I don’t feel guilty that my dad’s not going to Pompeii now. I’ll pretend the flights are cancelled. He’ll never know anything about it,’ Tyson says… while John is shown packing up his stuff and putting his suitcase in his car, all ready to go.

‘Can’t wait to get on that plane, tell you the truth,’ he shares, before being given any indication that the trip isn’t on.

Calling up his dad, Tyson informs him: ‘Right, got some bad news. We’re not going. The flights have been cancelled from Manchester. Typical innit?’

While a clearly disappointed John tells his son that there’s ‘nothing you can do’, he then adds: ‘That is sickening. Rushing around, getting ready, doing this, that and the other. All packed, my bags are in the car. Then a late phone call, we’re not going.’

After finishing their call, John confesses that he is annoyed with Tyson and ‘gutted’ to no longer be doing the trip, but ‘that’s what he does’.

‘He’ll ring up one minute, “It’s on,” and then, “It’s not.” Bit gutted you know. Cause I build myself up, rush around 100 miles an hour, getting stuff done, and all of a sudden you’re not going,’ he states.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

In the end, it turns out that there were no flights going to Pompeii anyway. Go figure!

‘Nothing’s ever booked,’ Paris says during the episode. ‘Anything we ever book, we don’t get to go on. I’d say nine times out of 10 if we book something, more than three days in advance, we don’t go. And I really do think that comes down to Tyson.

‘I think that comes down to his… he’s bipolar. I’m starting to become more active with the word because I know it’s what triggers it.’

Paris adds that she ‘just rolls with it’, because it ‘gets them nowhere’ if she argues.

‘I’ve learnt to live with that side of things, and our last-minute holidays are always the best,’ she says.

At Home With The Furys is available to watch on Netflix.

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