The Alchemist, MIKE and Wiki Hit the Streets of NYC in “Mayor’s A Cop”

The Alchemist, MIKE and Wiki have given listeners the first hint of what we can expect on the New York City trio’s first full-length collaborative LP, Faith Is A Rock, which lands on streaming later this week. On the album’s third spot on the tracklist is “Mayor’s A Cop”, and for the music video, the rappers honor the very streets that they grew up on.

The rappers’ sonic compatibility shines through the entirety of the track, with each artist flexing their impressive melodic muscles. ”The mayor’s a cop / The blues quadrupled up, the block is hot / Sh*t, this how they chose to use the guap,” Wiki opens, as he paces the streets of his old stomping ground.

Directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa, the “Mayor’s A Cop” music video is the only natural extension of the story the iconic lyricists tell on the track. Simplistic in composition, the video spotlights the rappers’ words, The Alchemists’ unparalleled production, and, of course, the effortless beauty that exists throughout New York City’s five boroughs. 

Stream the video for “Mayor’s A Cop” above, and keep an eye out on Hypebeast for updates on Faith Is A Rock when it hits streaming this Friday, September 22. See the full tracklist below to hold you over until then.

1. Stargate
2. Thung Anthem
3. Mayor’s A Cop
4. Bledsoe
5. Pray For Him
6. Odd Ways
7. Scribble Jam
8. Be Realistic
9. Memory Loss
10. One More

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