Sony Unveils the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7C R: Two Compact Full-Frame Cameras

Sony has unveiled two new compact full-frame cameras, the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7C R, alongside the launch of a new wide-angle G-master lens.

The Alpha 7C II comes with a 33.0 effective megapixel sensor, which Sony says is ideal for a diverse set of shooting scenarios, from travel to street photography. Its compact and lightweight design makes it 22 percent lighter and 45 percent less voluminous than the Alpha 7 IV.

On the other hand, the Alpha 7C R boasts an impressive 61.0 effective megapixel sensor, offering high-resolution image captures reminiscent of the Alpha 7R V. Sony shares that this model is designed for those looking to capture high-quality shots in various settings, including portraits, wildlife and landscapes.

Both models utilize AI-processing units and BIONZ XR processors, similar to those in Sony’s latest cameras, ensuring high accuracy in subject recognition with Real-time Recognition AF. The 5-axis in-body image stabilization guarantees a seven-step advantage for stills. Additionally, videographers and general content creators alike will appreciate their 4K60p recording capability, support for Sony’s S-Cinetone color science and other advanced video features.

“At Sony, we are consistently upping the ante for content creators,” shared Yann Salmon-Legagneur, Head of Imaging Products & Solutions Marketing at Sony Europe, adding “With the launch of the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7C R, we are allowing creators of both stills and videos to have a new tool in their kit that allows for high-quality image performance in mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.”

Additional features included updated mobility, with both cameras weighing approximately 513 grams, advanced video with high-resolution data equivalent to 7K, an updated touch-operable LCD with mobile device functionality and the use of eco-friendly materials.

As for the G-master lens, Sony claims it is the “world’s smallest and lightest highresolution F2.8 wide-angle zoom lens,” represented as a 35mm full-frame Alpha E-mount lens that covers focal lengths from 16mm to 35mm with a maximum aperture of F2.8 over the entire zoom range.

Preorders are open now via Sony’s UK site for both the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7C R, as well as the new GM II lens, priced at $2,620 USD, $4,000 USD and $3,000 USD respectively — based on GBP to USD conversions at the time of writing.

While you wait for a broader rollout or your preorder to deliver, you can learn more about the cameras in the official product videos below.


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