Purple Mountain Observatory Takes Inspiration From the Land of China for Latest Collection

Once known as Carrier Goods and now rebranded as Purple Mountain Observatory, the London-based outerwear brand has just presented its first collection under its new title — and its packed with vibant color schemes and technically-focused zippers and pockets, designed for life exploring the great outdoors.

Exploration is at the core of everything Purple Mountain Observatory does. This latest collection takes inspiration from that alongside a period the imprint’s team spent in the Purple Mountains in China, where the brand’s factory is based. Drawing attractions to the “majestic landscapes” based around the location, the Purple Mountain Observatory team decided to align their brand with the name of their core roots of creativity.

With this in mind, the collection originates from the concept of pursing both functionality and a streetwear aesthetic. Pieces are completed with waterproof fabrications and outdoor-ready designs, while the overall color palette leans into shades of ashy and earthy tones inspired by the Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala.

Additionally, the collection sees various pieces layered on top of one and another, creating cozy looks for turbulent temperature changes. Contemporary styles with various technical pockets are used for holding hiking equipment, whilst stand-out pieces come in the form of a padded vest, a lightweight Water Repel set, and the label’s fan-favorite Blocked Hiking Pants.

You can take a closer look at the new collection from Purple Mountain Observatory above and it’ll available to shop via the brand’s official website from September 18.

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