Porsche Unveils One-Off Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch

Following the announcement of its all-new third-generation Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid, Porsche has unveiled a one-off Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch edition in Shanghai, exemplifying the brand’s Exclusive Manufaktur.

While the new Panamera model offers a wide range of customization options right from the factory, including a broad selection of colors, upholstery, decors and accentuating details — the Sonderwunsch program takes this customization that much further. This program provides comprehensive services, including consultation, planning and the expert execution of bespoke color and material choices, even extending to the creation of unique, custom-built vehicles.

“Our customers value the option of adding their personal touch to the design of their car. The Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch based on the new Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid shows how flexibly and precisely we can fulfill these wishes as a vision of a customer’s dream. Specially created color tones, individual accents, and planning down to the last detail have transformed the Panamera into a genuinely unique car,” shared Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche, adding, “The exterior of the car has been designed by experts from the Style Porsche and Exclusive Manufaktur units. The interior has been deliberately left unfinished until next year. This one-off car will inspire people to make their own very personal dream of a highly individual Panamera a reality.”

The car’s exterior features a striking two-tone finish, with the primary color, Leblon Violet Metallic, a special hue with hints of chestnut, seamlessly fading into solid black towards the lower third of the car. Accentuating its bespoke nature is the clear coat, which contains flakes of real vaporized gold, creating a premium look and added depth. Additionally, the car boasts pinstripes in the newly developed color Avium Metallic, complete with an integrated Sonderwunsch logo.

Sonderwunsch’s meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail extend to the 21-inch center-locking rims and window frames, finished in Avium Metallic and the meticulously crafted logos on the rear. The dark-tinted headlights, tail lights and windows, along with the Bronzite tailpipes, reinforce the car’s unique aesthetic. Additionally, the vehicle sports the “Turbonite” colored badges, which will now be the new standard for Turbo derivative vehicles going forward, starting with the Panamera.

While the Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch is a one-off, created in the Factory Re-Commissioning process, customers can contact the Sonderwunsch Team in the Exclusive Manufaktur unit via their Porsche Centre and order the subsequent Factory Re-Commissioning of their car by Porsche.
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