Netflix's Final 'Top Boy' Season 3 Trailer Is a Warning for What's to Come

Netflix‘s British drama series Top Boy has grown a loyal fanbase like few others, preparing to debut its third season in the coming days. Last month, Netflix released a first look at what the future holds and has now dropped the final trailer that gives a warning sign for what’s to come.

Top Boy‘s last season will see the UK cast reunite in hopes of regaining power against authority figures. All trust has been lost as Dushane and Sully proclaim an unrepairable friendship, while additional characters seek to honor Jaime after he was brutally murdered in season two. Elsewhere, Jacqueline looks to protect her growing family and asks Dushane for mercy. Police riots and masked concerts break out on UK streets, declaring the end of time as more characters meet their fate.

Take a look at the second trailer for Top Boy season three above. Watch the final chapter on Netflix come September 7.

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