Meze Audio Launches its Latest Flagship Headphones 'Empyrean II'

Based in Baia Mare, Romania, Meze Audio has been making high-end audio gear targeted at audiophiles since 2011 and has just launched the latest in its ultra-premium line up of headphones – Empyrean II. The new iteration builds on the best features of the original, combining Meze’s innovative design spirit and close attention to craftsmanship with the latest in audio technology.

Empyrean II arrive in a monochrome execution of deep blacks and silver accents. The headphones’ metal frame has undergone precision milling and is complimented by an art-deco-inspired aluminum grille that’s been redesigned since the original Empyrean. There is a choice of two cable types – silver plated or copper – and five different kinds of mini XLR connectors. As to be expected, Empyrean II are planar magnetic headphones; when compared to headphones with dynamic or electrostatic drivers, users can expect the planars to provide a much more natural sound and a wider soundstage. For the Empyrean II, Meze has continued its partnership with the Ukraine-based audio company Rinaro Isodynamics, refining the latter’s Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver to deliver the truest listening experience yet.

Meze has built on its pursuit of providing its users with an individual sound journey and testament to this attention to detail is including two sets of earpads with Empyrean II. The brand claims they are “most advanced earpads in the Empyrean series to date” and they’ve crafted them from a blend of premium leather and Alcantara (a suede-like synthetic material that was invented in the 1970s by Japanese scientist Miyoshi Okamoto). The New Duo Earpads are intended to provide users with a balanced sound across music genres, while the Angled Alcantara Earpads provide more nuance and detail owing to their shape.

Meze Audio’s Empyrean II headphones are available now via Meze Audio’s website and select stores worldwide, priced at $2999 USD / £2749 GBP.

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