McDonald's Launches "Free Fries Friday"

As its name would suggest, the recently announced “Free Fries Friday,” is a promotion by McDonald’s that allows visitors to get free fries — on Friday.

However, as the old saying goes, nothing comes free in life. To access the promo, which runs until the new year, visitors will need to first download the McDonald’s app, as the offer is only valid there. Additionally, they’ll need to spend $1 USD and must be opted into the “Rewards” program.

McDonald’s indicated on its site that the offer is only valid once a day on Friday, which makes sense as to why the app would be needed in order to track and validate the redemption by each user so that the offer is not exploited — sorry, no infinite fries glitch here.

Still, you can now “make it a fry day with a friend” for just a dollar, until December 31 and you can’t beat that.

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