How, When & Where You Can Watch the Barbie Movie From the Comfort of Your Home

Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie will be available to watch online soon as it makes its way to streaming platforms in September. The highly-anticipated movie, which stars America Ferrera, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has already shattered box office records since its July 21 release by becoming the highest grossing film of 2023 so far and by making Gerwig the first woman in history to direct a billion-dollar film so it is bound to be a hit when comes to your favorite streaming service.

The vibrant, empowering movie follows Barbie (Robbie) as she navigates an idyllic life in an all-pink Barbieland all while battling an existential crisis that makes her question the utopia she calls home, taking her and Ken (Gosling) on a journey of conflicting self-discovery.

How to watch Barbie online:

Currently, the only way to see the Barbie movie is in your local movie theater until it releases on streaming platforms in September. Though it is not yet available to stream online but you can pre-order the Barbie movie on Prime Video and Apple TV. Then, Barbie will find a home on Max, the platform formerly known as HBO Max, where Warner Bros. is distributing the film along with many of their other recent releases.

Margot Robbie as Barbie
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It seems the decision to keep the movie in theaters for several months was part of a plan to drum up additional hype around its theatrical run before moving the success to streaming platforms. “We really believe in the motion picture window,” Warner Bros. Discovery president David Zaslav divulged, according to IGN, in early August. “Let this movie go to the motion picture window, play it up, build up that brand, then have it go into PVOD (premium video on demand.)”

When will Barbie release on streaming?

Barbie will first release digitally on September 5, via video-on-demand platforms, according to Variety. An exact date for the movie’s release on Max has not been revealed but previous Warner Bros. films usually ended up on the platform around six weeks after their premiere which means we can expect to see Barbie on Max early in September.

How to stream Barbie on Max:

To watch Barbie online, you’ll need to have a subscription to one of three different plans Max offers, the lowest starting at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Once you have an account, you can click on the movie title page on Max’s website or on the Max app via your TV or streaming device.

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How to watch Barbie on Amazon Prime Video:

Barbie is available for pre-order on Amazon Prime Video for $24.99.

How to watch Barbie on Apple TV:

Starting on September 5 Barbie will be available to watch on Apple TV here. You can also sign up for a free 7-day Apple TV trial below. After the trial, an Apple TV subscription cost $6.99 a month.

After what became known as “The Summer of Barbie” due to the success of Gerwig’s production, fall looks set to be another cotton-candy-colored season as the film is already tipped to break even more records once viewers can access it from the comfort of their own homes. Looks like Warner Bros. will have even more of a reason to celebrate soon. In the words of Ken, “sublime!”

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