How Priscilla Presley Reacted When Asked if She Would Have Remarried Elvis After Their Divorce

Priscilla Presley, the former wife of music legend Elvis Presley, has remained an iconic figure in popular culture — especially in light of her recent court battle regarding her late daughter’s estate. Their controversial relationship, which began when Priscilla was just 14 years old, captivated the public’s attention. Despite their divorce in 1973, Priscilla and Elvis maintained an amicable relationship as they co-parented their only child, daughter Lisa Marie Presley, until Elvis’ death in 1977.

In interviews, Priscilla Presley has been candid about her relationship with Elvis and how she feels about him even decades after their divorce and his untimely death at the age of 42. One of these interviews recently resurfaced and touched on how Priscilla and Elvis’ relationship would have panned out had things gone differently. In a 2005 interview with Larry King, Priscilla revealed that she and Elvis had remained close even after their divorce, which prompted a caller to ask quite the hypothetical question.

“Hello. Hi, Priscilla. My question for you is, in the nearly 28 years that Elvis has been gone, I was wondering — if he was still alive and with us, if you ever thought maybe you and him might have remarried someday?,” the caller asked.

“Oh, my gosh. That would be — that’s a difficult question to answer. I mean, I don’t know. You know, both of us were… we had a really nice, very close relationship,” Priscilla explained to the caller, per CheatSheet. “You know, before he died and we used to kid around about it, you know…” she trailed off a bit before King prompted her: “Might remarry, you mean?”

“Well, just kidding around, you know, being old and sitting in front of Graceland in rocking chairs. You know, we had two chairs out in front, and, you know, it was a fun thing to do, but — or riding motorcycles when we’re in our 80s, because we both loved to ride motorcycles,” she said.

Priscilla’s decision to never remarry after her divorce from Elvis does not diminish the impact he had on her life. She has had a few high-profile relationships since their separation, including one with karate instructor Mike Stone in the aftermath of her divorce from Elvis. She also briefly dated photographer Terry O’Neill and attorney Robert Kardashian before he was married to Kris Jenner. Still, none of these partners seemed to have matched the intensity and significance of her time with Elvis.

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