Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon Is Retiring From DJing

David Solomon, Goldman Sachs CEO by day and DJ by night, is retiring from live music.

Reports state that the CEO, who goes by the artist name DJ D-Sol, has not publicly performed in over a year. His side gig as a DJ allegedly made several Goldman Sachs board members uncomfortable; in 2020, Solomon was criticized for breaking the pandemic’s social distancing rules when he DJed at an event in the Hamptons.

“David hasn’t publicly DJed an event in well over a year, which we have confirmed multiple times in the past,” Goldman Sachs rep Tony Fratto said. “Music was not a distraction from David’s work. The media attention became a distraction.”

Solomon was already involved in live music even before he took on the CEO role in 2018 and was performing in Manhattan, at tiki bars in the Bahamas and at Lollapalooza in July 2022 — his last major performance. His rep previously shared that he tends to DJ for four to six events per year with all of the profits going to charity.

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