Gail Lewis Signed Walmart Vest Gets YouTuber Airrack Banned From eBay

Famed auction house, Goldin, known for its sports memorabilia among other collectibles categories has listed possibly one of its most bizarre items to date — a Walmart vest signed by Tik-Tok sensation Gail Lewis.

After posting a dramatic sign-off video, the former Walmart employee went viral on the social media app, with her speech reminiscent of those practiced by first responders, particularly police, at the end of a long career. After receiving millions of views across different platforms, the video quickly made her into a sort of Folk hero and caught the attention of famous YouTuber Erick “Airrack” Decker. After contacting Lewis, he flew to her and had her sign the vest.

The plan wasn’t always to sell it with Goldin, however, Decker initially had the item listed on eBay, where it garnered over $400,000 USD in bids before eBay flagged the item for the surge in bidding, removed it and banned Decker from the platform.

Following this, the vest was quickly relisted, this time in collaboration with Goldin auction house. At the time of writing, the lot has nearly three days left on the clock, with over 50 bids and a highest bid of $11,000 USD. It’s worth noting that proceeds from the auction will go to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network, a charity selected by Lewis.

See the moment that kicked off this bizarre auction below.
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