Fans Are Going After Katy Perry Over Her Latest Legal Battle That’s About to Head to Trial

Back in early August, news broke that Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom were in some serious legal drama after the previous owner of a home they had recently bought sued the couple. According to the legal documents obtained by Daily Mail at the time, the home’s previous owner, 84-year-old veteran Carl Westcott, claimed he was of “unsound mind” and recovering from back surgery when he signed over his property for $15 million back in 2020.

Now, almost two months later, Westcott and Perry/Bloom are headed to trial on Sept 27, and the internet, as well as Westcott’s family members, aren’t holding back on their thoughts. “I hope this case can be dismissed and Carl Westcott can keep his home. Greed should not win,” wrote one user on X (formerly known as Twitter).

According to a recent interview with RadarOnline, Westcott, who has been battling Huntington’s disease for the past few years, is also bedridden and “unable to be present in the courtroom.”

“Why are you trying to kick a dying vet out of his house?” wrote another user on X. “What is wrong with you? Your real estate agent is so shady, getting him to sign something while he’s on drugs from surgery in the hospital.” “What’s up with Katy Perry’s & her disturbing real estate deals/scams in CA?” echoed another user, who referred to Perry’s ill-fated real estate track record.

Talking to RadarOnline, Westcott’s daughter-in-law and The Real Housewives of Dallas alum Kameron Westcott shared how their family is doing amidst the lawsuit.

“He’s such an honorable man. He’s worked his entire life and deserves to stay in his home,” the reality star said. “It’s sad Katy is trying to take that from him.” Kameron then continued, adding that she thinks the “Roar” singer took “advantage of his mental state” when signing, calling her actions “disgusting.”

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The reality star then added that though Westcott might not make it through the trial, she and her husband Court Westcott would “100% still fight for Carl’s justice and honor.” How heartbreaking…

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