DesignerCon 2023 to Feature Special Edition BE@RBRICKs

This year’s DesignerCon, set to bring together 600 vendors and over 350 global artists and designers for its 18th annual convention, features a multi-layered collaborative release from Medicom Toy. Collaborators for these special edition BE@RBRICK collectibles include names like Shepard Fairey, JJ Lin, The Hundreds and DabsMyla.

The collectibles come in a range of sizes, from 100% to 1000% — with some coming in sets and others separately. Leading the pack is a 1000% example from artist Shepard Fairey that features a motif or collage of various mixed media graphics, expressed in his signature color palette. In addition to this, Fairey also has a 100% and 400% set release, which features a primarily red BE@RBRICK with the artist’s “Make Art Not War” graphic at the center of the collectible.

Other exclusive DesignerCon BE@RBRICKs include a 20th Anniversary “Adam Bomb” set from The Hundreds in 100%, a “Cosmic Bloom” set from artist duo DabsMyla in 100% and 400%, as well as a 400% JJ Lin “20th Anniversary” set and standalone 1000% example.

While prices for the sets and individual collectibles has not yet been shared at the time of writing, the special edition BE@RBRICKs are expected to be released during this year’s DesignerCon show in Anaheim, California, opening on Friday, December 15 through to December 17. For more information visit this show’s official social channels.
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