Crenshaw Skate Club’s "S.O.O.N." Collection Is a Shout to the Skate Community

Following up on its Los Angeles Chargers collab, Crenshaw Skate Club is continuing to pay homage to its local California roots in its latest offering. Dubbed “Skaters of One Nation” or “S.O.O.N.”, the lifestyle label’s new collection taps into the sense of brotherhood that lies within the core of skateboarding to create a clean range of skate-friendly apparel.

“Those who you go out and skate with become your brothers, and you move as a tribe,” Crenshaw Skate Club’s creative director Tobey McIntosh writes in a statement, conveying the indelible bond shared amongst skaters: the direct inspiration for S.O.O.N. McIntosh recalls “early memories of my friend getting $10 from his mom,” – which instead of spending all in one go on himself, he would split the funds with 5 of his skater friends, each of them buying something that was $2.

It’s this universal spirit that connects skaters all over the world that carries across all of S.O.O.N.’s pieces. In the delivery of striking apparel, CSC offers up a vibrant array of “Skaters of One Nation” labeled merchandise, spanning hoodies and tees. A handful of dynamic jackets led the collection, including a denim jacket with vibrant pink CSC branding on the back, a down jacket and matching pants featuring CSC’s storefront, and a trippy zip-up hoodie. CSC hit the streets of LA for the lookbook – take a closer look in the gallery above.

S.O.O.N. also features a handful of CSC’s cut-and-sew pieces shown off at London Fashion Week this past June. Expect the collection – which ranges from $38 USD to $348 USD – to land live for purchase on Crenshaw Skate Club’s webstore on November 4.

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