Bottega Veneta Unveils Pre-Spring 2024 Collection

Matthieu Blazy has done it again. Recently unveiling the Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2024 collection, the designer is continuing to create his own fashion moments, one collection at a time.

One thing is certain is that Blazy knows how to modernize traditional silhouettes for both womenswear and menswear. His playful use of textiles and contemporary cuttingses pieces work together to create the present day aesthetic of androgynous styling. To Blazy, women and men can be seen wearing the same overcoat, blazers, sweaters and more, giving all the power to styling and form. So much of his designs are about “real clothes,” enforcing the idea that his pieces can be worn on a day to day basis. He spoke to Vogue regarding the collection, “With the team, we talked a lot about what makes individuals special, the pieces they wear and the pieces that tell a story—the pieces, sometimes, that are a bit off, something that feels very personal, what makes you different from others.”

The collection was inspired by a trip home where Blazy found himself in his childhood wardrobe. Playful impressions taken from the crab print dress his sister once worn has been reimagined into a high fashion sweater and matching skirt while other youthful memories were put in place with oversized labels stitched onto tailored vests. There is a sense of unseriousness to this collection, with exaggerated lapels and revamped versions of Bottega Veneta’s iconic intrecciato motif in bold and contrasting hues. With the Pre-Spring 2024 collection, Blazy injects fun throughout making it yet another noteworthy season. Take a look at the collection above.

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