Angelina Jolie's Internet-Breaking Middle Finger Tattoos Are Actually Quite Wholesome (& Wholly Unrelated to Brad Pitt)

While speculation ran rampant about Angelina Jolie’s newest tattoos, the rumor mill has been proven wrong once again — and is anyone really surprised?

After famed New York City tattoo artist Mr. K shared a censored photo of the latest ink he embedded in the movie star’s middle fingers, many people were quick to suggest Jolie’s new tattoos were a dig at her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Mr. K denied these rumors, asserting the two tattoos have nothing to do with Jolie’s ex, and he (again, unsurprisingly) was not lying.

In new paparazzi photos captured of the Eternals star waving, the tattoo on the inside of her left hand is a delicate dagger that looks like it’s piercing her skin — see the photos HERE. The image is thought to reference Jolie’s passion for blades, which she revealed to be a family tradition during an interview with W Magazine in 2008. In fact, the iconic actress shared that her mother took her to purchase her very first knives when she was a preteen.

As far back as 2003, Jolie opened up about her dagger collection, telling ABC News, “They are not shiny, brand-new, sharp knives from the store. They’re antique beautiful knives from other countries, and they are locked in a case so my son does not touch them.” It’s clearly a subject very close to her heart, steeped in generations of familial significance and meaning.

Mr. K promised his followers a closer look at the dual tattoos soon, so we’re sure to get a better glimpse at the sentimental designs in a matter of time. One thing that truly is clarified, however, is that Jolie is not giving Pitt any more real estate on her body — not even on her middle fingers.

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