9 Fashion Collections 'GTA VI' Should Have on Its Mood Board

In the world of Grand Theft Auto, art imitates life. Everything from the game’s maps and cars to its music, storylines and fashion lampoon real-world people, places and things. Now that we have the much-anticipated trailer for GTA 6, which is set to take place in Vice City (a.k.a. Miami) in the fictional state of Leonida (a.k.a. Florida), fans have already begun to speculate about what’s to be expected from gameplay, and many have even drawn up wish lists for the customization options, vehicles, campaigns and in-game radio station hosts they want to see in the next installment.

On the fashion front, there’s so much to be said about Florida’s style lexicon. It’s flashy. It’s neon. It lends from art deco just as much as it is does from gorpcore. It is enormously eclectic, and it spans the spectrum of functional outerwear and utilitarian streetwear to print-packed runway pieces and ostentatious luxury. There’s a bounty of brands that fit these descriptors, and we’d like to see Rockstar Games’ spin on them.

In GTA 5, the developer took cues from several big-name brands to create its own knocked-off designers. Among them, “BIGNESS” was inspired by Supreme, with camouflage box logo hoodies and boldly-branded masks; “MANOR DEM” clearly riffed on Palace’s Triferg iconography; “SESSANTA NOVE” adopted a similar monogram motif to Louis Vuitton; “SQUASH” offered a clever play on Tyler, the Creator’s GOLF; “OLD GEN” was the real world’s New Era for hats; and “LE CHIEN” took after Chanel for fragrances.

Now, looking ahead to GTA 6, Hypebeast has crafted its own wish list of fashion collections that we hope to see inform the next installment of the game’s style. From high-end labels like Versace and Dior to Floridian classics like Columbia PFG and Volcom, see our selects below.

Casablanca Spring 2021

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Casablanca’s loud luxuries are not for the faint of heart, but neither is Mia… ahem, Vice City. The brand’s Spring 2021 collection, specifically, offers enough palm trees, beachscapes and rainbows to satisfy GTA VI’s statement makers, or those who’d simply prefer to perform a heist in over-the-top style. Picture the wind-blown flutter of the label’s classic silk shirts, after successfully hijacking a flashy convertible and blasting down the coastline. Who knows, maybe one of those slick scarves could become an unexpected weapon, too.

Versace Spring 2013

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When you think of Miami’s stalwarts, DJ Khaled quickly comes to mind. It’s easy to imagine the big-time producer lounging around his $26 million USD waterfront estate in a gaudy, vintage Versace robe, whispering his ever-so-famous catchphrase — “Another one” — to himself as he takes a second sip of his morning coffee. Versace’s Spring 2013 collection embodies this image with a gladiator-like appeal, and GTA VI should take note. It’s not only the robes that exude true Miami energy; it’s the pattern-clad suits, neon vests and shrunken swimwear that really drive the point home. Plus, the massive metal fighter belts only add to the ridiculousness of it all. If there’s a Khaled-like character in the game, we sure hope he’s attired as such.

Blumarine Resort 2023

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GTA VI will become the first title in the series to have a female protagonist, and she’ll need just as expansive a wardrobe as her male counterparts. Her name is Lucia, and just as much as she’s tied up in the thrill of the heist, she’s also anchored by her love for partner-in-crime, Jason. Blumarine’s Resort 2023 collection almost mirrors Lucia’s identity: it’s stealthy, romantic and feminine. The collection, at large, offers a perfect blend of utilitarianism and flattery — all with a sartorial edge. It’s also ideal for a Floridian date night by the sea, if Lucia and Jason can ever find a break from the game’s chaos, but that might be wishful thinking.

Dior Pre-Fall 2020

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Kim Jones’ Dior Pre-Fall 2020 runway certainly played a role in turning Miami into a more-serious American fashion capital. Sporting artwork by Shawn Stussy, with accessories from Matthew M. Williams and jewelry by AMBUSH’s Yoon Ahn, the collection teetered the line between streetwear and high-fashion with expertise. Jones’ ultra-vibrant, logo-laden knits play into the city’s love for art deco design, and the flower-sprouting bucket hats easily transition between metropolitan missions and beachside business. Storing a weapon inside a saddle bag wouldn’t be too shabby, either.

Stray Rats Fall 2020

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Stray Rats

Stray Rats is the streetwear product of South-Floridian designer Julian Consuegra, who moved to Miami in the year 2000 to entrench himself in the capital’s hardcore music scene. He’s inspired by subcultures, and his designs often riff on video games, comics, films and music — with strong roots in the city’s own players. He’s since moved to New York, where he runs the brand with J.R. Ewing, but there’s strong Miamian blood that pumps through his design codes that GTA VI would be smart to reference. Stray Rats’ “Ratgirl” logo items would be a perfect fit for players that want to give Lucia a streetwear twist, too.

Volcom Summer 2022

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Like a true Floridian, GTA VI’s characters should share a passion for Volcom. The skate-surf label speaks to Miami’s multi-faceted lifestyle, and its popularity among the state’s residents mirrors the likes of Rip Curl or Reef. Those who grew up with a liking for skatewear and surfwear know the brand well, and references to its signatures would surely spark reminiscence for many players. Volcom’s Summer 2022 collection is filled with graphic streetwear staples that feel synonymous with the sartorial language of GTA’s costume creators. There’s even a “Florida Tee” that would pin the tail right on the donkey.

Vetements Fall 2020

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Miami is full of color; but at the core of Grand Theft Auto is criminal behavior, and many engaging in the like would probably prefer to do so incognito. Vetements’ Fall 2020 collection should be the blueprint for GTA’s stealthiest players. Black hoodies and leather jackets will steer away any unwanted attention, while still managing to appear intimidating. There’s also a T-shirt featuring an icon of a crossed-out phone with the lettering “NO SOCIAL MEDIA THANK YOU,” for those who want to make their intentions extremely clear. There’s one exception: the fiery heels in Look 1 are built to make a violent carjacking even more badass.

Saul Nash Spring 2024

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Saul Nash

One of Miami’s main draws is its beaches, so it’s only natural to expect some inventive swimwear in GTA VI’s wardrobe. Saul Nash’s Spring 2024 collection should offer the ideal starting place for outfitting this sector of gameplay. Like much of the title’s NPCs, Nash’s models consisted of muscle-packed men, each of whom was decked out in monotone, form-fitting beachwear, oftentimes complete with goggles and swim caps. We’ll need to see the classic beach boy at play. Pump the game with some Ken-ergy, if you will.

Kith for Columbia PFG

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Kith/Columbia Pfg

There’s probably a “Florida Man” doing something ludicrous somewhere in Miami right now. Whether that’s battling a trespassing alligator inside a gas station or driving a “BOOTY CONTROL” truck through town, he’s quite likely wearing something ideal for the swamp. The Kith for Columbia PFG collaboration’s mesh vests and cargo shorts fit this bill, and they’re also totally practical for hunting, should the game actually require a spontaneous skirmish with a gator. Players will have to pick their poison.
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