8 Drops You Don’t Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the thirteenth release from Supreme‘s Fall/Winter 2023 collection and Palace‘s F1 collection with KAPPA.

Continuing its major collaboration series, for Fall 2023, Supreme has now reunited with Dr. Martens to reimagine the Ramsey Creeper model. Made exclusively for Supreme, the Supreme x Dr. Martens Ramsey Creeper has been prepared in three striking colorways. The uppers of the shoe are constructed of suede and metallic leather with tonal stitching, black trim, and toebox detailing. Branding elements on the shoe include debossed Supreme logos at the heel and co-branding printed insoles. Elevating the uppers on the Ramsey Creeper are tonal black AirWair® cushion sole units.

Supreme’s accompanying Week 13 drop is led by the Paisley Studded Work Jacket and Double Knee Painter Pant, Polartec® Zip Jacket with Facemask Half Zip Hooded Sweatshirt, Pant, Beanie, and Zip Balaclava, Schott® Shearling Bomber Jacket, and Big Logo Jacquard Hooded Sweatshirt. Other standouts include the Stripe Flannel Zip Up Shirt, USA Zip Up Hooded Sweater, Small Box Long Sleeve Tee, and Fuck Intarsia Short Sleeve Top. Headwear options include the Leopard Corduroy Camp Cap and Hand Tied Beanie. The standout boldly branded accessory is the Large Fuck Em Neon Sign.

Notable collaborations this week include the collection from Goldwin and Hidden.NY, A$AP Rocky’s debut Formula 1 collection for

Stone Island2 of 7

Stone Island3 of 7

Stone Island4 of 7

Stone Island5 of 7

Stone Island6 of 7

Stone Island7 of 7

Stone Island

When: Now
Where: Stone Island

IZZY DU Fall/Winter 2023 “ORIGINS” Collection

1 of 13

Izzy Du2 of 13

Izzy Du3 of 13

Izzy Du4 of 13

Izzy Du5 of 13

Izzy Du6 of 13

Izzy Du7 of 13

Izzy Du8 of 13

Izzy Du9 of 13

Izzy Du10 of 13

Izzy Du11 of 13

Izzy Du12 of 13

Izzy Du13 of 13

Izzy Du

When: Now

Sundae School Holiday 2023 “양면성: Dichotomy” Collection

1 of 23

Sundae School2 of 23

Sundae School3 of 23

Sundae School4 of 23

Sundae School5 of 23

Sundae School6 of 23

Sundae School7 of 23

Sundae School8 of 23

Sundae School9 of 23

Sundae School10 of 23

Sundae School11 of 23

Sundae School12 of 23

Sundae School13 of 23

Sundae School14 of 23

Sundae School15 of 23

Sundae School16 of 23

Sundae School17 of 23

Sundae School18 of 23

Sundae School19 of 23

Sundae School20 of 23

Sundae School21 of 23

Sundae School22 of 23

Sundae School23 of 23

Sundae School

When: Now
Where: Sundae School

Supreme Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Week 13 Drop

1 of 25

Supreme2 of 25

Supreme3 of 25

Supreme4 of 25

Supreme5 of 25

Supreme6 of 25

Supreme7 of 25

Supreme8 of 25

Supreme9 of 25

Supreme10 of 25

Supreme11 of 25

Supreme12 of 25

Supreme13 of 25

Supreme14 of 25

Supreme15 of 25

Supreme16 of 25

Supreme17 of 25

Supreme18 of 25

Supreme19 of 25

Supreme20 of 25

Supreme21 of 25

Supreme22 of 25

Supreme23 of 25

Supreme24 of 25

Supreme25 of 25


When: November 16, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/Seoul Release November 18, 11 a.m. JST
Where: Supreme

N.E.R.D. x PLEASURES Collection

1 of 8

Pleasures2 of 8

Pleasures3 of 8

Pleasures4 of 8

Pleasures5 of 8

Pleasures6 of 8

Pleasures7 of 8

Pleasures8 of 8


When: November 17

A$AP Rocky’s Debut PUMA x Formula 1 Collection

1 of 4

Puma2 of 4

Puma3 of 4

Puma4 of 4


When: November 17
Where: PUMA

Goldwin x HIDDEN.NY Collection

1 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny2 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny3 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny4 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny5 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny6 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny7 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny8 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny9 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny10 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny11 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny12 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny13 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny14 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny15 of 16

Goldwin/Hidden.ny16 of 16


When: November 17
Where: sacai

Palace x KAPPA Alpine F1 Collection

1 of 15

Palace2 of 15

Palace3 of 15

Palace4 of 15

Palace5 of 15

Palace6 of 15

Palace7 of 15

Palace8 of 15

Palace9 of 15

Palace10 of 15

Palace11 of 15

Palace12 of 15

Palace13 of 15

Palace14 of 15

Palace15 of 15


When: November 17, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/China Release November 18, 11 a.m. JST/CST
Where: Palace, “Palace_Skateboards” WeChat store
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