Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Reportedly Gearing Up for Independent Run

robert f kennedy jr

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has had a tough go at running for president as a Democrat — so, now, it sounds like he’s gonna try another way … as an independent candidate.

The polarizing political figure — who’s caused a stir trying to challenge Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination over the past several months — kicked the rumors into high gear Friday with a teaser to his big announcement on Oct. 9 … when he says he’ll have big news.

RFK Jr. will make a speech in Philly that day — and based on what he’s signaling here … it sure sounds like going to pivot away from Dems and Republicans, and go his own way.

BTW, there are reports suggesting that is, in fact, what’s going to happen. As for why — well, it’s no secret … dude’s been very frustrated with the Democratic National Committee.

Kennedy has been calling on a debate between himself and Biden for a while now … but Joe’s team has brushed the request off, as has the DNC. The feeling is — they’re not taking his candidacy seriously … but RFK Jr. insists JB (the incumbent) should have to earn re-election by having to go through him first. Now, he’s found a roundabout way to disrupt.

Fact is … as an independent, Kennedy could potentially do damage to Joe’s campaign by siphoning away votes from people who don’t necessarily wanna vote for Biden and prefer a 3rd option … a la Bernie Sanders, who never actually did what RFK’s apparently about to.

By the same token, RFK Jr. going independent could also ding Trump — ’cause there’s tons of conservatives who like the guy … so it’s a bit of a toss-up over who it could hurt more.

In any case, it’s the latest development in a campaign that’s seen some drama here and there — a man was arrested for trying to infiltrate one of RFK’s events as a fake cop … and the implications of that were scary, considering his personal family history. Stay tuned.

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