Pregnant Millie Radford reveals she’s picked a name for her unborn daughter

As Millie Radford prepares to welcome her third child in the coming weeks, the struggling mum has revealed she has already picked out a name for the impending arrival.

The 22 year old star, who is part of Britain’s biggest family as the daughter of Sue and Noel Radford, first revealed the news on Saturday, after asking her followers to send in questions as she struggled with a particularly “tough” pregnancy.

Speaking to her followers on social media, Millie said that the name she had chosen was “not as unusual as you are all expecting”, before going on to confess she actually already knew of a few little girls who had been gifted the moniker.

Despite the tease however, Millie was still keeping the actual name under close wraps for the time being as she didn’t elaborate about which name specifically she had chosen.

During the same Q&A session, mother-of-two Millie, who has a son, Chester and a daughter, Ophelia, admitted that so far this pregnancy had been the toughest of the three, when a fan asked her if the pregnancies had gotten easier each time?

“LOLLLL no ahah!” She wrote. “I think I’ve struggled the most this pregnancy, although it’s so worth it in the end.”

She then finished the response with a heart eye emoji to emphasise her point.

The update on how things are going comes two months after Millie delighted her followers with a closer look at her pregnancy journey as she she shared a video of her ultrasound scan on Instagram.

In a short ten second clip, a stethoscope could be seen resting on Millie’s blossoming baby bump as she listened to her little one’s heartbeat.

Describing the rapid and healthy heartbeat as “the best sound ever” the doting mum clearly couldn’t wait until her new baby girl arrives later this year.

However while Millie may be counting down the days until she embarks on motherhood for the third time, sadly her own relationship with her mother isn’t quite so rosy.

Earlier this year, shortly before announcing her pregnancy news, Millie publicly hit out at her parents Sue and Noel as she accused the pair of “making money” from their grandchildren.

The feud was initially sparked after Sue had taken Millie’s sister Sophie’s children on a surprise trip to Disneyworld, while failing to invite any of her other grandchildren.

The mother-of-22 surprised a handful of her grandchildren, Daisy, ten, Ayprill, eight, and Leo, seven, with the once in a lifetime trip, prompting Millie to hit out at her mother as she accused her of “choosing favourites.”

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