Ozzy Osbourne confesses to wild onstage admission on The Osbournes’ Podcast

Ozzy Osbourne issues an update on his health

Ozzy Osbourne certainly didn’t hold back on the latest episode of The Osbournes Podcast.

During Tuesday’s instalment, the Black Sabbath rockstar revealed he used to pee his pants onstage – but he had a valid excuse for it.

The wild confession occurred during a conversation with his famous family members and co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and Jack Osbourne about a pair of Queen Victoria’s underwear which were once sold at an auction.

While Ozzy’s son Jack, 37, thought it was odd someone would buy such a thing, his wife, Sharon, 71, admitted she once owned a pair of Marilyn Monroe’s shoes, which Jack also insisted was pretty weird.

“Shoes, a handbag, a dress is different than somebody’s bloody knickers that they farted in and s**t in,” said insisted.

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Jack hilariously quipped back: “Who’s s***ting in their underwear?”

Ozzy joined in with the crazy conversation with a joke, pointing out: “She was an old girl, she was probably incontinent. She owned continents, but she was incontinent.”

He also argued royals likely relieved themselves when they are in the middle of long “parades” or other public processions, which was when he dropped his own wild admission.

“When I was onstage, I used to go, ‘Oh, f**k it,’ and just piss,” Ozzy boldly said.

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Before further explaining: “Because I was wet anyway from throwing water around.”

The reason Ozzy would be wet during his performances was that he would often spray the audience with water guns or dump large buckets of water on them.

In another recent podcast, Ozzy announced he is hoping to bring out another album following undergoing his “final surgery”.

“I’ve done two albums fairly recently [2020’s Ordinary Man and 2022’s Patient Number 9], but I want to do one more album and then go back on the road,” he revealed.

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