Kourtney Kardashian's Disney-Themed Baby Shower Might've Hinted at Name

Kourtney Kardashian threw an epic baby shower for her and Travis Barker‘s future son together … and some fans are seeing the forest for the trees on the kid’s potential name.

The Disnelyand-themed bash went down Sunday, and it looks to have been hosted at their Calabasas mansion — with the backyard being turned into a recreation of the famous theme park … complete with Disney signage, Mickey Mouse ears and even the Dapper Dans!

rocky name - Kourtney Kardashian's Disneyland

Indeed, Kourtney’s camp went all out here … however, in one of the intricate party decorations — an apple tree in the vein of ‘Snow White’ — folks noticed a bunch of cards with hand-written notes were being hung … and somebody zoomed in on one of those.

There’s a note that can be partially read … and it seems to mention a baby name. It’s hard to make out in its entirety — but what it appears to say is … “May Baby Rocky have … life filled with love.” The rest of it is too blurry, but seemingly more well-wishes.

Eagle-eyed fans have seen this … and there’s already speculation Kourtney and Travis might be naming their kid Rocky. Of course, it could also be a reference to the fact TB is a rocker — but in any case, it’s spurred a lot of chatter online.

Time will tell what they end up calling the new Baby Barker … but Rocky’s not half bad.

Anyway, the rest of the shindig was top-tier in terms of Kardashian-led blowouts. Like we said, the party favors were incredibly well-thought-out and detailed — and it looks like they didn’t spare any expense in making the crib look like it came straight out of Anaheim.

BTW, Travis was masked up while mingling with friends and family … he’s got COVID right now. It also looks like folks were maintaining social distancing all throughout — safety first.

As for Kourtney, she looks like she’s almost ready to pop … that baby’s probably due any day now. She was all smiles and in an incredibly good mood based on what we can see.

Of course, the reason that’s significant is because she kinda fell into the crosshairs of a mayor from another ritzy town just down the freeway … and that would be Malibu.

As we reported … Mayor Silverstein excoriated City officials for what he claims was them bending the knee to organizers of a Poosh party — which is obviously Kourtney’s wellness brand. He alleged that the folks who put that together got a last-minute special events permit greenlit … and he suspects it was done under shady circumstances.

Luckily, Kourtney doesn’t live in Malibu … and she was at arm’s-length from that drama this weekend.

Priority #1 for her, it seems, was to celebrate with her hubby and loved ones … and to get ready for this bundle of joy that’s coming soon.

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