Dalton Gomez ‘assumed’ that he would be with Ariana Grande ‘forever’

Dalton Gomez got dumped by his wife Ariana Grande and then, just days later, he had to watch as she rolled out her relationship with Ethan Slater. Ethan and Ariana’s affair broke up two marriages, with Ethan’s estranged wife Lilly Jay going public with exactly what she thinks of Ariana. Dalton has not done the same, and I even halfway believe that Ariana dumped him weeks before anything was announced in July. Dalton is apparently doing the sad-sack thing, moping around for the paparazzi and leaking these kinds of stories to Us Weekly:

Dalton Gomez is navigating a new chapter in his life after his split from estranged wife Ariana Grande.

“It’s been a little while since Ariana and Dalton split, but he’s been adjusting to his new normal and learning to accept it for what it is,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “It’s certainly not how he expected things to play out because he obviously assumed they would be together forever.”

The insider notes that for Gomez, 28, the experience of being married to a pop star was new. The realtor was used to “living a private life” prior to the twosome sparking a romance in 2020 and finds that having his personal life play out in the spotlight can be a challenge. He never imagined he would be going through a divorce in the public eye,” the source explains. “But he’s hanging in there and is grateful for his friends and family who have been really supportive.”

[From Us Magazine]

This actually sounds mature and reasonable. No wonder he didn’t fit in with Ariana’s melodramatic world. I mean, Dalton could be doing the same thing Lilly Jay is doing – he could bash Ethan and give quotes about how Ariana broke his heart and cheated on him. Instead, he’s just sort of moving on with his life. I hope Ariana gives him a nice divorce settlement and they just forget about each other completely. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard much of anything about Ethan and Ariana for weeks now. I wonder if they’re even still together, don’t you?

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