Concerning?! Britney Spears' Lawyer & Manager Reportedly In Charge Of Her Care – And Brother Bryan Is Helping Out!

Britney Spears is relying on an unexpected family member to get through her divorce from Sam Asghari!

According to reports from Page Six on Tuesday, the pop star’s brother Bryan Spears has been stepping up to be there for his sis while she gets through this heartbreaking time. An insider elaborated:

“He’s been staying over and helping her alongside a therapist.”

Interestingly, the source also called Bryan’s presence “a great thing for all of” the Spears family. Huh…

It’s no secret the Toxic artist isn’t on good terms with her family. While it seemed like she’d made amends with her mother Lynne during a reunion in May, a source said last week that “there’s still a lot of hurt there, so they haven’t quite reconciled.” The family is said to be worried for the 41-year-old now that she no longer has her main supporter (AKA Sam) by her side. So great to have her bro there, but we have to ask…

Could Bryan be double-crossing the performer by reporting back to the rest of the family on how she’s doing after his visits?! Seems like that’s the only way this would be a “great thing” for all the Spears — but that of course would be sketchy AF if true!

Speaking of, alongside Bryan, Britney’s lawyer and manager are now apparently in charge of her well-being. Uhhh… Look, we know. That sounds bad! But don’t freak out yet!

Even though this sounds eerily like a conservatorship, the thing she struggled for years to get out from under, TMZ sources on Tuesday insisted nobody is legally in charge — they’re just the last people she has in her corner who are still looking out for her.

Insiders with direct knowledge told the publication that Mathew Rosengart and Cade Hudson are helping to make sure Britney is OK — that she’s fed and makes it to appointments. They’re also in charge of managing any potential professional opportunities she might have. We guess this means helping her lift her spirits, too, since Cade was spotted at his client’s divorce party over the weekend, per the outlet!

It’s not surprising to hear she needs a little help managing her daily tasks — this is a woman who didn’t have control over her life for over a decade! For a bit of good news, Rosengart doesn’t believe Britney’s mental state is cause for alarm, per insiders, who noted there’s been no plan to get her additional medical care or therapy during this time. That said, some in Brit’s inner circle believe she is struggling and does need more help. So, it really depends on who you ask, we guess.

TMZ‘s sources went on to discuss Bryan’s involvement, saying he’s been trying to help the Circus vocalist occasionally. Most importantly, he’s taking things very gradually! The film producer has been to her place to work out and has offered to do what he can while around — but because Brit is so volatile right now, he’s walking on eggshells. At least, that’s how that report goes.

As you may know, Bryan has fared better compared to his other relatives when it came to the Grammy winner’s conservatorship drama — but that doesn’t mean the 46-year-old was never called out!

When he gave a rare interview about the legal arrangement, he didn’t seem too #TeamBritney, saying in a July 2020 podcast that it had been “a great thing” for the family until the #FreeBritney movement. He did admit that “having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating.” No s**t, Sherlock! A year later, a former dancer alleged he’d always been way more involved in controlling his younger sibling’s personal life than people realized. Jeez!

The brother-sister duo seemed to hit a rough patch in June 2022 when Britney was getting married to Sam. At the time, there were reports that Bryan was invited to the nuptials — and even his girlfriend Amber Lynn Conklin claimed they were unable to attend due to a prior commitment. But Britney denied this! The Crossroads alum argued her brother never made it onto the guest list, telling him via Instagram, “You hurt me and you know it.” Oof!

So, there’s certainly some controversy here! But it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep him away for good. We just hope those remaining in Britney’s circle right now can provide her the love and support she needs to get through this messy divorce! Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

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