Adele Defending Fan, Caught on Video by the Fan Who Was Singing, Standing

The guy Adele defended this weekend in Vegas appeared to be getting hassled by security without due cause — but he recorded the whole incident, so it’s now clear why security came over, and why she stood up for him.

The fan in question goes by @juanp_lastra on TikTok, and he was filming himself Saturday night while attending Adele’s Vegas residency at Caesars. As you can see — he was very much into the festivities … standing up and belting out every lyric while she performed.

On its face, this would seem like NBD — it is a concert after all — but it looks like some folks behind him were bothered by him blocking their view … one of ’em came up and told him so.

Juan here was sorta shamed into sitting down and piping down for a bit — but it wasn’t long before he was up and singing again. Once again, someone came up to him to address it — only this time, it was a security guard working the venue.

That’s when Adele spoke up and asked what the heck was going on … noting that she’d been seeing him get bothered the whole time she was up on stage. At first, security didn’t appear to notice she was talking to them — but as soon as they did, they dropped it.

Of course, this fella was ecstatic Adele came to his defense … and thanked her online.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Quite a moment, indeed — and once again, it proves Adele loves her loyal supporters.

It’s just the latest example of her connecting with her fan base, and explains why people love her. Remember, she had other highlights this weekend too … so this was the cherry on top.

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