You should fly out on a Friday if you want to save money on flights

Based on prices for past flights, Friday has been revealed as the cheapest day to fly, which makes it perfect for a long weekend away.

Flight comparison website Skyscanner analysed prices of flights from the last four years and found that the last day of the working week offered the best deals.

In comparison, while Sunday is the cheapest day to book flights, it's actually the most expensive for travelling.

In fact, by switching your departure date from Sunday to Friday, you could save an average of 21 per cent on the cost of your flights.

Changing the date of departure by one day could also make a difference when comparing flight prices.

Senior growth manager Lisa Tyndall said: "There is evidence that suggests Friday is the cheapest day of the week for travellers to fly out of the UK and Sunday is the most expensive day to fly out of the UK.

"Switching their flight departure date from a Sunday to a Friday could save travellers 21 per cent."

But while Friday is the cheapest date, it's also the busiest day to fly, while Sunday is the quietest.

The experts at Skyscanner also recommended checking flight prices to other airports near your destination as it could be cheaper.

For example, a family of four going to Tenerife could save £500 if they travelled via London Stansted instead of London Luton.

And while for long haul it can be cheaper to get a return ticket, for short haul, getting one-way tickets with different airlines is often the best way to save on air fare.

Sun Online previously revealed that using an incognito browser setting while booking your flights can save you money as well.

This setting removes any previous search history as cookies can hike the price of flights.

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