You could bag a free trip to Bulgaria simply by sharing a cracking joke

If you're always making your close ones laugh (or groan) thanks to your constant Dad jokes or classic punch lines, then you may be on the road to a free holiday!

In fact, share your best joke and you could end up winning a free holiday to Bulgaria for two people!

That's because the Bulgaria Tourism Board has launched 'The Great Swap', a challenge where you share your funniest joke online and, if they like it, you could win a trip of dreams.

(The package includes all charges, travel expenses, insurance and transfer fees).

As for the destinations? You're going to be spoiled for choice.

If a summer break is on the cards, you can make the most of Bulgaria's 378km of coastline where you'll find over 200 beaches and coves, including some picture-perfect golden sands and crystal clear waters.

There's heaps of adventure to be had too with activities including surfing, water skiing, diving, fishing.

Not one to lie on a beach? Go exploring in search of ancient ruins or follow picturesque walking trails in the mountains (or more challenging treks for seasoned hikers).

In fact if you're a fan of mountain breaks, Bulgaria could be the ideal hotspot; half the country's territory is made up of mountains, with the official number amounting to a staggering 39!

Look out for highlights from the mystical Seven Rila Lakes or the centuries-old ethnic villages to be found, not to mention the luxury spas and mud baths which are ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating.

Feeling tempted?

Time to dig out your favourite joke and head to The Great Swap website for a chance to win one of the free holidays.

Entry is free – all you need to do is choose your ideal package from the abundance of options for holidays from spring 2019 onwards, register online and share your joke.

You'll need to enter by 15th April when the draw closes. The three lucky winners will then be revealed soon after.

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