You can stay in a luxury hotel shaped like a giant picnic basket next year with 150 rooms and an indoor pool – The Sun

YOU can soon stay at a luxury hotel which is shaped like a giant picnic basket.

The seven-storey building was originally built as the headquarters of Longaberger – who manufactured baskets.

The 1997 headquarters has since been sold to developer Steve Coon of Coon Restoration & Sealants and Bobby George after the company closed in 2018.

Despite buying it in 2017 for $1.2m (£930k), they have recently announced plans to develop it into a new hotel.

Steve explained to the Newark Advocate that they "looked at everything" it could be turned into but a hotel was the "best value".

He added that the building will "stay as a basket forever" – even keeping the handles.

Plans for the hotel include 150 rooms, as well as an indoor swimming pool.

The building already has a number of amenities which former staff used including a fitness centre, auditorium and a restaurant.

The interior currently has wood panelled columns, marble floors, and a curved glass rooftop.

However, it isn't clear how much of it will be kept in the redesign.

There is also ample space for the exterior to be expanded, with 22 acres of land and a fully-stocked pond.

Some hotels offer picnic baskets for their guests, such as Dukes Hotel in London and University Arms in Cambridge – which could be a great gimmick for the hotel.

Architect Jonathan Sandvick, who will design the new hotel, said it was an "honour" to work on the building, adding: "It's a majestic one-of-a kind architectural gem."

It is expected to to open in 2020.

It isn't the only weird shaped hotel in the world – a Hard Rock hotel shaped like a guitar has just opened in Florida.

You can also stay in a hotel shaped like a bum hole.

Other strange hotels include a beagle-shaped hotel.

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