Woman reveals the strange-looking £7 shoes to wear on beaches in Europe – but people are divided | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the strange looking shoe you can buy for just £7 to wear on the beaches in Europe.

Nicole Khouri is currently touring the continent and has already visited tourist hotspots in Italy and France.

Having dedicated her TikTok account to outfit ideas, packing for the trip and holiday prep, she has now shared a questionable purchase.

After visiting a pebble beach in Sorrento, Nicole has showed her followers a cheap hack which means she can enter the water pain-free.

The jelly-like clear plastic shoe slips on your foot and makes entering rocky areas comfier.

Whilst they're not the prettiest to look at or the most stylish to wear, the water shoe could save you from stepping on any sea creatures too.


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Nicole said: "The moment on your Euro holiday where you finally cave and buy these bad boys.

"Some may say a moment of weakness but I say it was a moment of clarity."

They can currently be bought from Decathlon for just £7.99.

While some may argue the footwear is ugly, many think they'd be helpful.

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One user said: "Water shoes are a must," while another added: "Yes! Can't go to the pebble beaches without them."

A third commented: "I stepped on a sea urchin in Greece so I definitely need these."

Some however, weren't huge fans.

One person said: "They look like Wii remote control covers."

A second added: "As a local I will NEVER wear these."

It comes after an expert previously revealed the key things you need when going abroad.

They include the right footwear, toiletries, adaptor plugs, basics such as suncream and sunglasses and appropriate clothing.

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