Woman reveals 'best phone tip ever' that stops you missing your flight – and people are amazed | The Sun

A TOURIST has revealed the "small trick" that she uses whenever she flies to ensure she never misses her flight.

Keeping track of flight info, tickets and passports all at the same time can be really annoying, but there are ways to make it much simpler.

Tiktoker Louise (@loulouexplores) explained how she keeps all her flight information handy so she can find it whenever she needs to.

By simply texting her flight number to a friend, she can keep track of her terminal, check-in time, gate number and any delays, making sure she never misses any changes.

Louise showed how the trick works, while explaining it in a video that she shared on Tiktok that she titled "best flight tip ever".

She said: "I use this small trick every time I fly.

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"If you paste your flight number into your messages and send it to somebody, you can hold down on the flight number and it brings up all your flight details.

"Just press 'preview flight' to view.

"I find this so useful, especially if someone's picking me up and they can use it.

"You can check your terminal and gate if it's on time, departure time, arrival time, and how long your flight is.

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"Share this to someone who needs it."

The video has been seen by almost ten million people, with a lot of people very impressed with the simple yet effective trick.

One wrote: "OMG. This is brilliant. Thank you so much!"

Another said: "I thought you were winding us up…. tried it and it worked! That is really handy."

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A third added: "Great tip thank you."

Once you're on the plane, there are other nifty phone hacks that can make your journey more enjoyable.

One of those involves using your sickbag to create your own phone holder so you can watch your favourite films.

It involves removing the case from the back of your phone and placing the bottom of the sickbag into the case.

Then you just need to slot your phone back in place, wedging the end of the paper bag between the device and the cover.

You can then dangle it off the tray table while it's folded up, leaving you to watch your downloaded content hands-free.

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