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A TRAVEL expert has revealed why you should always choose the left side of the plane when booking your seats.

Trying to sleep on a plane can be difficult – but choosing the correct side of the cabin can make it slightly easier.

Founder of AirAdvisor, Anton Radchenko said that window seats are often the "most coveted" as they can be used as a headrest when sleeping.

However, picking the left side of the plane can make a huge difference – as they have more room.

He said the "left side typically provides more headrest room than the right due to the location of the windows, so aim for the left side".

Other experts have backed this up, also saying the seats are usally off centre on the left due to the plane door at the front, so makes it more comfortable to lean on the wall.

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Window seats are also great for sleeping, because passengers won't have to wake you up to go to the bathroom.

And according to one study, the window seat is the best choice to reduce your chances of getting sick.

The 2018 study funded by Boeing found you are 80 per cent likely to catch a virus from passengers if sitting near them.

Passengers sitting in the aisle seat could also infect everyone else in the aisle seats too, as they were more likely to come into contact with other people moving.

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Aisle seat passengers had an average of 64 contacts, compared to the window seat’s 12.

Make sure to check before booking your window seat though – as some don't actually have any windows.

This is because aircraft are not always created for just one airline, meaning the interior cabin seats don't line up with the windows.

Fuming Ryanair passengers found this out the hard way when booking seat 11A – a window seat with no window.

And experts have said that passengers who pick window seats tend to be "more selfish" than other passengers.

Dr Becky Spelman, a psychologist at Private Therapy Clinic, told the Telegraph: "Passengers who favour the window seat like to be in control […] and are often more easily irritable."

The nicest people? Often found in the aisle seat.

Here is how to avoid booking the worst seat on a plane.

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