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MCDONALD'S fans have been raving about the world's "coolest" franchise of their favourite restaurant.

While the food might not vary between branches of Maccy's, the buildings themselves can look very different.

One that could claim to be the most beautiful in the world can be found pretty close to the UK – just over the sea in Ireland.

Bray's branch of Maccy D's is located in the town's old town hall – and people have been giving it rave reviews, describing it as both "very beautiful" and "amazing".

Old wooden beams hang from the ceiling, which itself is an ornate wooden structure.

It has Tudor-style windows outside and old iron gates leading to the main entrance.

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The restaurant has an overall score of 4/5 on Google Reviews, with more than 1800 people giving it a rating.

Plenty of people made reference to the building and how good it looks.

One wrote: "It's located in Bray Town Hall, in the centre of Bray. The building is very beautiful, both outside and inside. And you can take a bite in this fancy McDonald's."

Another said: "Coolest McDonald's I've ever seen. It's a beautiful old building."

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A third added: "The building is amazing and the taste is the same…. great as always."

The McDonald's isn't the only thing impressing visitors to Bray, with the coastal town in north County Wicklow also home to a nice beach and some impressive scenery.

The beach is a favourite with tourists and locals, with one writing on TripAdvisor: "Bray beach is one of the great places to spend a day with friends of family."

Getting to Bray is fairly simple, with the train from Dublin costing between £3.50-£6 and taking less than an hour.

A night in a hotel in the town can be found from £39pp per night, while camping nearby is also available.

Meanwhile, this McDonald’s has been described as the best in the world – and it tastes even better than normal.

And here are some other amazing McDonald's restaurants from around the world.

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