We're travel experts and here's how we get luxury hotel room upgrades for free every time

A PAIR of travel experts have shared three tips for getting a free upgrade to a luxury hotel room – and they claim they work every time.

Devon and Betsy Fata shared a video on Tiktok revealing their three hotel upgrade secrets, and they are all very simple.

The key to all three is to ask for an upgrade – they said you'd be surprised how often that works.

They said: "We're going to teach you how to get that upgrade every time.

"Rule number one – simply ask. This is obvious but it works way more often than you'd think.

"Plus, as a little psychology bonus, try to phrase your question so that it has a 'no' answer. Like, 'would it be too much trouble to see if we could upgrade our stay?' It works every time.

"Rule number two – if you need a completely free upgrade, ask for a corner. Often these units are classified as the exact same type of room, but they can be several hundred feet bigger.

"And finally, use new hotels to your advantage. These hotels are rarely fully occupied but they're always looking for guest reviews or social media exposure.

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"Offer to leave a Google review in exchange for an upgrade."

They then added some other extras you can ask for instead of a room upgrade.

They said: "Other than room size, look to upgrade your stay with lesser known freebies like designer toiletries."

The video has been watched 1.1m times and received hundreds of comments from hotel workers who confirm the hacks work.

One person wrote: "As a front desk agent, be nice to your agent. I love giving people upgrades who are kind."

Someone else said: "Just be super nice and ask us how we are doing. Sometimes we've had a bad day – simply being nice to the front desk staff will get you anything."

Another wrote: "From someone who works full time in a hotel, this is all correct and usually works."

A fourth added: "As a front desk worker, I can admit some of these might work. Bookings made directly are more likely to be rewarded as well."

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