Vibrators, Weed, Plants: What Can You Take on a Plane?

Can you bring safety pins in your carry-on? What about a pool cue? Or how about a snow globe? The answers to those questions, in order, are yes, no and it’s complicated.

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By Kasia Pilat

Elyse Welles was traveling from Athens to Newark this spring when it finally happened: She was pulled aside for an additional security screening at her gate.

After some time searching through Ms. Welles’s backpack, the agent eventually grabbed a bullet-shaped vibrator from the bag and brandished it in the air. “Is this an e-cigarette?” the agent asked. “No, it’s a sex toy,” she responded with a smile, at which point her personal items were promptly returned to her and she was free to go.

Ms. Welles, a writer and life coach who lives in Artemida, Greece, said she didn’t give a second thought to traveling with her vibrator in tow.

While sex toys are accepted carry-on luggage in most countries, including the United States, there are certain restrictions when it comes to e-cigarettes on flights, because the devices could catch fire in transit.

As the number of air travelers rises, returning to near-prepandemic levels, so do questions about flying protocols and rules — particularly what travelers can and cannot take in their carry-on luggage when flying within the United States. For instance: Is guacamole a solid or a liquid? (It’s a gel, which falls under the same restrictions as liquids and is not allowed in your carry-on — unless it’s inside a 3.4-ounce container.)

Here’s a guide to help you navigate the more ambiguous carry-on rules — with some quiz questions throughout to test your knowledge, too.

Which of these items is not allowed in your carry-on?

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