Traveller reveals clever hack to get an empty row on Ryanair flights – without paying extra | The Sun

A PASSENGER has revealed the clever way he sits in empty rows on Ryanair flights, without having to pay for it.

Budget airlines like Ryanair make extra money by charging for passengers to choose where they want to sit.

However, there are sometimes ways around having to fork out for the extras.

A TikTok user has shown people a simple yet effective hack that means he can avoid sitting next to other people.

In the video Rob Adcock, or Robdidatiktok as he's known on the site, asks if he is "an actual genius" for coming up with the method, using the airline's app to reveal where the empty seats are on his flights.

He says: "I think this might be a way of getting a free upgrade on Ryanair.

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"What I do is I check in as normal and take the option of a free random allocated seat. Do not pay.

"Then just before the fight, I go back onto the app, click 'manage' in the top corner, then click 'change'.

"Then it shows you a list of all the seats that are empty on the flight.

"Close the app, do not switch your seat, do not pay for owt.

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"What I do is go and find a couple of seats where there's no one in them, ideally with extra legroom, towards the front of the plane, and just brazenly go and sit in it.

"I've been doing it for ages, the flight attendants have never asked me for my seat number yet."

Some TikTok users were impressed with the hack, with one saying: "Haha good one! I’ll be doing this soon!"

Another urged Rob to take down the video so the airline wouldn't find out.

They said: "Don't tell them I've done this for years – otherwise they may fix it."

It even received praise from a Ryanair flight attendant, who also urged Rob to be careful.

They said: "Coming from a Ryanair cabin crew member I can say that is genius, but if you get caught there could be some issues for you."

A woman on TikTok said she knows a trick to getting your own row in economy if you’re traveling with a friend.

When picking your seats during purchase, she said to choose the row that has three empty seats.

“Then pick a window and an aisle seat, leaving the middle open,” she explained. Flyers are least likely to book a lone middle seat.”

“And if someone happens to book the middle seat, they’re typically happy to swap for your window or aisle.”

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Travel experts revealed several methods they have used to get themselves a free row.

A man was told he was "creepy" for his method for keeping the seats next to him empty.

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