Travel expert reveals the phrase that works when trying to get upgrades on holiday

NEXT time you want a free upgrade, there is just a simple phrase you need to use, according to travel experts.

Over the years, frequent travellers have shared their top tips on how to get the perks without paying for them.

Lorraine Fam, founder of the website SnowboardHow, said it is as simple as asking if they have any upgrades – but in a nice way, not in a rude way.

She said: “Just say, ‘I was curious if you have any upgrades available. I love traveling with X airline/hotel and want to let my friends and family know how well they treat their customers.

“It ends up being a win-win situation for both sides, and I’ve used this to get everything from a room upgrade to free travel points and referral discounts.

However, she says it is "vital" to be friendly, rather than expecting to get it for free.

She added: "If you are snobby or mean, you will really limit the chances of getting a free upgrade or perk."

CEO of travel discount website Tripplo, Axel Hemborg agreed.

They added: "Airline staff deal with people using manipulative tactics to win upgrades on a daily basis.

"So, take a different approach: Just walk up, and inform them that if there are any upgrades available, you would like to be considered. It's that simple.

"They may even appreciate your candidness and award you the first-class experience that you're looking for.”

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