Tourist checks into Welsh holiday home and finds a VERY odd stranger in bed | The Sun

A TOURIST has shared the hilarious moment that she checked into a Welsh Airbnb, only to see a sheep standing on one of the beds.

Finding unexpected extras when checking into a hotel is usually a pleasant surprise, but those extras are very rarely livestock.

That's exactly what one guest was faced with when they arrived at their holiday home in Wales this summer.

The picture was posted online by comedian Wendy Wason, who said it was her friend who had come across the intruder while on holiday.

Whether or not her friend counted the animal to help her drift off is unclear.

The irony of it happening in Wales was not lost on other people, who commented on the picture across social media.

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One said: "That is sooooo Wales. Love that country!"

Another wrote: "If your Welsh Airbnb doesn’t come with a complementary sheep, you’re not in Wales."

Others however were excited by the prospect of spending their holiday in the company of the sheep.

One said: "That's the kind of place I want to stay in!"

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Another asked: "Where do I book?"

While the sheep may not have been an intentional animal experience, there are some wildlife encounters that can be booked through Airbnb.

An afternoon tea in the company of a pair of Herdwick sheep is available to book in Loch Lomond.

Elsewhere, in Miami, you can pay to paddleboard with a corgi called Mr Beaches or join experts as they study the habitats of arctic foxes near Súðavík in Iceland.

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Meanwhile, these are some of the weirdest Airbnbs available around the world, including a cow-shaped lodge.

And in Kent, you can book to sleep in a safari park surrounded by some of the animals.

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