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THESE 20 traits are the sure signs you're a cultured tourist when you travel abroad – see how many you can tick off the list.

Eating traditional cuisine, learning the local language and socialising with residents are top behaviour traits of culture vultures, according to research.

Brits who travel abroad and soak up the local lifestyle believe they're more cultured tourists than those who stick to their usual ways.

Among the habits of this highbrow group, clued-up holidaymakers typically tend to brush up on local etiquette and watch documentaries about their destination before setting off.

Visiting more than one destination during a single trip, rather than staying put in one place, is another reason travellers identified themselves as cultured.

The list of traits collected from a poll of 2,000 UK adults put a lot of weight on interacting with local people and trying out their way of life.

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For example, cultured jetsetters like to ask residents for their recommendations of places to visit or where to eat.

Those who own at least five guidebooks and do walking tours of a city with a local guide also consider themselves more sophisticated.

A staggering 86 per cent of tourists who consider themselves culture vultures like to soak up local sights and experiences on holiday.

While almost a third try to learn the local language of their holiday destination to absorb themselves in a country when travelling.

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And nearly a fifth of those surveyed said they were brave enough to try unique food abroad, such as insects.

Adam Kemp, from Audley Travel, which commissioned the research and put together an Ultimate Culture Vulture’s Travel Bucket List, said: “There are so many amazing cultures and places to visit all around the world.

"Travellers get so much more from their trip by embracing the local culture and foods.

“More and more people are now avoiding common tourist areas and seeking a more authentic experience – this is the best way to really experience a destination as the locals do.”

Among those looking for "more authentic" activities abroad, an eye-watering 84 per cent like to visit off-the-beaten-track locations.

While a quarter avoid the overpopulated, famous sights and prefer seeing the more ‘under-the-radar’ landmarks.

And 45 per cent even keep a bucket list of top travel experiences to channel their wanderlist.

According to the research, the average Brit has already ticked off four of their dream destinations.

Seeing the Northern Lights, travelling on the Orient Express and driving Route 66 in America are at the top of the list.

While other items on Brits' wishlists include going on safari, riding in a hot air balloon and doing an off-road trip in a 4×4.

Tracking wildlife in the rainforest, visiting a volcano and flying in a helicopter also feature on tourists' bucket lists.

Sadly four in 10 of these dreamers say not having enough time holds them back from fulfilling their travel goals, and 16 per cent believe they are too old.

Those lucky jetsetters who do get away like to keep reminders around their home.

As it emerged 49 per cent like to display souvenirs and travelling trinkets from interesting places all over the world.

When planning a trip, 21 per cent of those with itchy feet get their holiday inspiration from social media, and 34 per cent of trust recommendations from friends and family, according to the research by OnePoll.

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Adam Kemp added: “Bucket lists are a great way to keep track of the things you would like to do and see all over the world, so it’s great so many people have one and even better that people are making their way through the list.

“There is the perfect itinerary out there for everyone.”


  1. Always trying the local cuisine
  2. Always visiting museums
  3. Avoiding tourist traps and exploring hidden gems
  4. Trying to learn local languages
  5. Using local transport to get around
  6. Choosing restaurants and cafes bustling with local people
  7. Trying to visit more than one destination during a trip
  8. Learning local etiquette to avoid making a cultural faux pas
  9. Doing a walking tour of the city with a local guide
  10. Trying new or unique foods, like insects
  11. Booking locally owned or historically significant hotels
  12. Socialising with local people
  13. Asking locals for recommendations
  14. Checking for local festivals/ celebrations
  15. Buying local crafts and artisan trinkets to return home with
  16. Going somewhere nobody else has been
  17. Collecting passport stamps
  18. Visiting all seven continents
  19. Watching documentaries on the destination before visiting
  20. Knowing about the art from a destination

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