Ticket machine tried to charge passenger £10,000 to board Gatwick train

Lucy Watson was attempting to travel to the airport when the crazy cost appeared on a ticket machine.

Thankfully it appeared to be part of a glitch and was not the actually the price of the Southern route, which currently costs £11.

Instead, she chose to buy the £11 single that travelled via Thameslink.

Ms Watson tweeted: "Might go for Thameslink then, cheers" with the baffling image.

Other Twitter users joked about the £10,000 train ticket increase in light of the recent fare hike.

One wrote: "Rail fare rises were on the news today. Hadn't realised how bad they were."

Train fares have recently increased in price by 3.1 per cent, although this large jump was certainly much more.

The average amount a commuter will now pay for a season ticket is £2,980 – £760 more than in 2010.

Ms Watson told MyLondon at the time: "Ironically, I'm still in the online queue for the 26-30 Railcard."

Sun Online revealed that the new 26-30 railcard is now available for anyone between the age of 26 and 30 to save 1/3 on train travel.

Despite a limited roll out of just 100,000 cards last year, it caused chaos as many waited hours on the website to no avail.

Since being on sale yesterday, many still had to queue online to be able to purchase one thanks to their popularity.

One person joked on Twitter: "Waiting to buy my 26-30 railcard and the queue time is going up rather than down. Reminds me of waiting for the train…"

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