The very specific height and weight cabin crew need to be to land the job – so would you make the cut?

BECOMING a member of the cabin crew is not just about working hard and completing the training.

Cabin crew applicants must also be a certain height and weight, and be able to complete the 'reach test'.

The requirements are in place to ensure that cabin crew can reach the overhead lockers and can fit in the plane seats.

The height and weight restrictions are fairly standard across all airlines, although some vary slightly.

To be a member of cabin crew with Ryanair, you must be between 5ft 2" and 6ft 2".

That is the same for cabin crew hopefuls at British Airways.

EasyJet allows for an extra inch, with candidates needing to be between 5ft 2" and 6ft 3".

Additionally, to work on easyJet flights, cabin crew must be able to fit into an aircraft jump seat harness which measures 106cm across the lap and 157cm from shoulder to waist.

While there is no specific weight requirement to be cabin crew, one flight attendant revealed that staff must be able to fit into a plane seat with the seatbelt on, which is adjustable.

In a Tiktok video, @cabin_crew_guide said: "Did you know that in order to be cabin crew you have to meet a specific weight?

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"You need to able to fit in the harness chair with the seatbelt on."

She then went on to explain that cabin crew also need to pass the reach test.

This is a height that staff must be able to reach without shoes on, and they are allowed to go on their tiptoes.

She said: "Did you know that in order to be cabin crew you have to do a reach test?

"You'll be tested to see if you can reach 212cm (6ft 9") barefooted, and this can also be on tiptoes."

British Airways only requires cabin crew to be able to reach 201cm (6ft 5"), and Wizz Air says staff must have a reach of 210cm (6ft 8").

Additionally, all airlines require cabin crew to be able to swim.

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