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FLIGHT attendants have warned passengers about a simple mistake that could stop them getting on board their plane.

When travelling it's always important to make sure you have all necessary documents with you – but the information on those docs has to be right as well.

That was a problem for a recent passenger, who had a typo on the name he had booked the flight under.

It was only one letter's difference, but he soon found out that even an error that small could be a big problem.

It was also costly, with the airline asking for more than the cost of his ticket to change the details for him.

Instead of paying out, he asked flight attendants on Reddit if having one letter difference between the name on his passport and the one on his boarding pass would be an issue.

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Many said it would, with some warning it could even prevent him from getting on his flight.

He wrote: "I've booked a flight but the name is 1 letter off. Think Jon Michael Smith instead of John Michael Smith.

"Clearly the same name but slightly different spelling. The airline wants more than the flight cost to change it.

"Is there a formal check of this, or am I likely to get away with it if I try my luck?"

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One cabin crew member said: "The last time I was in line for TSA (Transport Security Administration) screening the woman in front of me had the same issue and they wouldn't let her through."

Another said: "I was held back and almost denied boarding during a layover in Italy from New York because my middle name wasn’t on the ticket."

A third added to the warnings, but said the man shouldn't need to pay out to change the details.

They said: "It needs to match and they are likely to catch that.

"I don't know why they want you to pay so much extra money. It's an obvious mistake and an easy fix.

"Are you trying to change anything else about the ticket? If no luck you could even go to an airport and talk to someone at the check in desk. Bring lots of ID."

Typos aren't your only problem if you're planning to travel this summer.

Rosi Simpson, a teacher from Brighton, didn't know about the ten year passport rule and as a result, was prevented from boarding her flight to Paris to see her son.

A post-Brexit change to UK passport rules means that Brits whose passports were issued more than 10 years ago will be denied entry to the EU.

Most places in Europe will also require you to have a least three months left on your passport on the date of departure from your destination.

Travel experts ABTA recommend checking the Foreign Office advice for the passport rules for your destination.

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