The unbelievable things guests steal from hotels – some items cost as little as 10p

ONE of the luxuries of staying in a hotel is getting to take advantage of the free soaps, hair products and slippers.

But some hotel guests push it further than that, and take things that they certainly shouldn't.

Hotel general managers have revealed to The Times the most irritating things that some guests have stolen.

One general manager said their biggest pet peeve is when guests ask for additional toilet roll, even though they've got enough.

They told The Times: "[It's annoying when guests] ask for loo roll top-up (we put two fresh rolls in a room each day), only to find that they have taken the lot home.

"This happens even with guests staying in a suite that costs £800-plus a night."

Or have you ever been in a hotel room and tried to use the TV, only to find out the remote didn't work?

It might be because the guest before you swiped the batteries from it.

One general manager said their most hated guests are: "Those who steal the batteries out of the television remote control.

"They're not expensive, but it's highly inconvenient for the next guest."

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Some brazen guests even try to rob big items, including ornaments and pictures, and, if they are caught, pretend that it was an accident.

Guests have even stolen mattresses from five star hotels, some of which cost thousands of pounds.

We've put together a list of the hotel items you can and can't steal from your hotel rooms – and what happens if you still try.

Meanwhile, an ex hotel worker has revealed how you can get a free breakfast before you leave.

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